zaterdag 9 januari 2010

my previous publications on the Vril Society

Free Energy Pioneer: John Worrell Keely, Illuminet Press, 1998

One of the questions often asked to me is, if I have written on the Vril Society in the past. Yes I have. The first time that I identified the Vril Society's real name appeared in my book on inventor John Keely, in the second part, titled 'The Secrets of Occult Technology'. This book was published in 1998. A Japanse translation was published in Japan in 2000. The U.S. edition was reprinted in 2004 and is still available.

The Japanese edition, Chu Art Publishing, 2000.

Those conversant in the French language find an updated status report on the Vril Society (in its entirety never published in the English language) published here, in the magnificent periodical La Gazette Forteénne, volume 2, 2003. I am honoured to feature in the same publication with luminaries as Ted Bloecher, Chris Aubeck, Michel Granger, Peter Brooksmith, Hilary Evans, Michel Meurger, Linda Cortile, Fabio Picasso, Jérôme Clarke and Scott Corrales.

Gazette Fortéenne, Vol. 2, L'Oeil du Sphinx, 2003

Lastly, in 2009 my paper 'The Occult Roots Of Nazi Technology' was published in Darklore volume 3. In this paper I focus on a host of pre world war German occult orders and esoterists, and their strange fascination with 'occult technology'. I developed this specific term in my 1998 book on Keely, to describe the various and many instances where avantgarde technological concepts and occult philosophy meet, oftentimes yielding a surprising array of mysterious machines and devices. Again I also briefly treat the Vril Society, providing it this time with a clear context. Such a mysterious group, after all, did not develop in a vacuum. Rather, pre world war II Germany was a hotbed of various secret societies, orders and groups, and it is important to recognize the sometimes subtle lines of influence that they had in regards to each other.

Darklore 3, Daily Grail Publishing, 2009.

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