zaterdag 9 januari 2010

The Vril Society documentary

Dark Fellowships: The Vril, aired on 29 September 2008

Sometime around June, 2008, I was contacted by a new York production company if I wanted to be interviewed for a documentary on the Vril Society, to be aired on Discovery Channel. The documentary is titled Dark Fellowships: The Vril and it was aired on U.S. TV on 29 September, 2008.

As any researcher and writer who has had their experience with film and TV companies, I was reluctant at first, knowing that no matter what you say, the outcome is decided on the cutting table, when all the filmed materials are put together to form a coherent whole. You are never there when this happens as your job is over. So at this crucial juncture, others decide what will remain of your statements, how these will be presented and in what context. For the interviewed participant it is always a matter of wait and see.

However, I found its producer sincere and seemingly honestly driven to explore the complex topic of the mysterious Vril Society the best way he could. As an added bonus, I was transported to Himmler's castle of Wewelsburg on a sunny day to be interviewed there. Since I was in the company of an American film team with the necessary clearance, was able to access parts of the castle that these days are strictly off limits, such as the infamous crypt and the hall above with the 'black sun' design in its marble floor.

My first impression of the castle was that it is much smaller than I thought it would be, if you have seen it only on pictures circulating on the net, or on TV. Another nice touch was the nearby inn, that was perfectly restored to its original appearance. This was undertaken in 1937, when the Third Reich was still an upcoming and very strong force. I noted the golden swastika and lizard motifs in the framework of the building, and while we ate an excellent meal there, pointed out all the various details constructed by Himmler's mystical visions to the film team.

The nearby concentration camp suffered a different fate; no trace of it remains.

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